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Draft and manage your dream team effortlessly on our intuitive platform.

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Step 1. Sign up & Create your Team
Step 1. Sign up & Create your Team
Step 2. Draft Players & Set Lineups
Step 2. Draft Players & Set Lineups
Step 3. Play & Score Points
Step 3. Play & Score Points
Step 4.Win the Trophy & Glory
Step 4.Win the Trophy & Glory

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Christian Rosado
Diciembre 28, 2023
Estoy deseoso de que empiece la temporada para poder usarlo.
Alana Quintero
Diciembre 30, 2023
Me gusta cuán facil es jugar y seguir la liga.
Kevin Ibarra
Enero 2, 2024
Antes solo veia los juegos de Bayamon. Con Fantasy veré todos los juegos.
Alan Rodriguez
Diciembre 28, 2023
Antes solo veia los juegos de los Cangrejeros. Con Fantasy veré todos los juegos.
Luis Polo
Febrero 7, 2024
Con este app veré todos los juegos.
Ernesto Palomo
Diciembre 30, 2023
Ahora la BSN apretó.
Manuel Parrilla
Diciembre 29, 2023
Muy divertido.
Kemuel Torres
Marzo 2, 2024
Que divertidooooo.
Maria Toro
Diciembre 27, 2023
Que Divertido!
Lucia Marrero
Dicembre 29, 2023
Loco de que salga.
Samuel Rosado
Marzo 20, 2024
Me encanta que puedo jugar con mis amigos.
Yamil Santiago
Enero 29, 2024
Con Fantasy estaré pendiente a todos los juegos.
Kevin Palermo
Diciembre 29, 2023
Antes solo veia los juegos de Carolina. Con esto veré todos los juegos.
Juan Maldonado
Febrero 2, 2024
Extremadamente divertido.
Alana Santiago
Diciembre 26, 2023
Lo quiero ya!
Bianca Rosado
Diciembre 30, 2023
Ya entiendo por que mi hermano jugaba esto tanto.
Jan Porro
Diciembre 29, 2023
Totalmente enamorado de la aplicación.
Justin Kiles
Diciembre 27, 2023
Ya les dije a todos mis amigos.
Juan Roman
Enero 3, 2024
Esto va a elevar la liga bien brutal.
Carlos Jose
Marzo 8, 2024
Me encanta cuan facil es.
Amanda Santos
Diciembre 27, 2023
Pedro Torres
Febrero 5, 2024
Con Fantasy veré todos los juegos.
Susan Torres
Febrero 18, 2024
Me encanta la iniciativa de ser el primer Fantasy de Puerto Rico.
Luis Rodriguez
Diciembre 31, 2023
Antes solo veia los juegos de Humacao. Ahorá veré todos los juegos.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How are points awarded?

BSN fantasy scoring typically involves assigning points to players based on their real-life performance in various statistical categories such as points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and turnovers. For example, a player might earn 1 point for each point scored, 1.2 points for each rebound, and lose points for each turnover.

Users can engage with the game or service without paying any money. Signing up or registering for an account is also free. There are no hidden fees or charges for setting up an account. After creating an account, users can start using the service or playing the game immediately.

Currently, our fantasy app allows each user to manage only one team. However, we are considering updates for the future that may enable users to create and manage multiple teams. This potential change aims to provide a more diverse and engaging experience for our users.

4. What is the maximum amount of points per game week?

In regards to the points system within our game, it's important to clarify that there is no upper limit or cap on the number of points a player can accumulate. The reason for this is that the allocation of points is directly tied to the player's performance in the game.

In our fantasy league, there's a maximum limit of 16 teams, but for optimal balance and competitive play, we recommend having between 8 to 10 teams. This range ensures a more even distribution of talent across all teams, leading to a more engaging and competitive experience for all participants.

Our fantasy league's duration is aligned with the ongoing BSN (Baloncesto Superior Nacional) season. This means that our league will start and end in accordance with the BSN's season schedule, allowing players to fully engage with the fantasy league throughout the entire duration of the actual basketball season.

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